Custom Labels Authors Can Use To Help Sell Books

10 November 2014
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Custom labels have many uses, but you might not realize how useful they are to authors. If you have a book you want to promote, use labels to help make them more special and enticing to customers. Here are a few ways to use labels with your books.

Name Labels

Place name labels on the inside of the front cover. These labels traditionally says something like "This book belongs to" with a blank line for a name. You can make custom labels with your own image or words. You might want to use art from your book or create a logo that represents you. People who buy the book can write their name on the label so that everyone knows it belongs to them. This is useful is the book becomes lost.

Signed By Author Labels

Many people look at the cover or back of a book and nothing else. They might not open up the book and notice your signature on the inside. Create custom labels that announce that you've signed the book. Place the labels on the front cover so everyone will see them. You can find labels designed to remove easily from the book so that it won't ruin the cover is the owner wants to remove the sticker. Make sure to choose a brightly colored label that stands out from the cover so that potential buyers see it right away.

Award Labels

Another way to attract buyers is to announce any awards your book has won. Just like with your signature, you want an obvious way to brag about your awards. Create custom labels that say what awards the book has won. Make sure to mention the specific name on the award. Don't just make a label with the words "award winner." The actual contest or award name will make your win all the more exciting to potential buyers. Place the labels on the cover for all to see. People love award winners and might take a chance on your book for that reason alone.

Gift Labels

Gift labels work like name labels except that the book will become a present for someone else. The labels might say something such as "This book is a gift for" and the buyer will write the name of the recipient on the blank line. Just like with the name labels, you can use art from the book or your personal logo on the label.

Custom labels—such as those provided by United Label Canada Ltd—will make your books more personalized and they can also announce to potential buyers how awesome the purchase is thanks to a signature or award. Who knew that a simple sticker could do so much for an author?