Gifts That Will Bring A Smile, Or A Tear, For Under Fifty Bucks

5 November 2015
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There is an art to gift-giving, and just the right gift often costs more than you were planning to pay. If you want to move someone special, and stay within your allotted budget, there are a few items that are sure to please. In fact, these are widely found for under fifty bucks!

Some great gifts that might bring tears, but that won't break your budget, include:

Custom picture frames paired with a meaningful photo or snapshot are an excellent way to show someone that you took time and care with their gift, widely found for under fifty dollars. Consider engraving their initials, or the date of the photo, inside.

Embroidered lap robes make great gifts for recipients of all ages, from the very young to the very old. There is a wide range of styles and materials, from inexpensive fleece to sumptuous and costly cashmere, and you can have a special message or motif embroidered on a corner for some flair.

Vintage toys are a fun way to pay homage to something that the recipient enjoyed during their youth. Give an aunt her favorite doll or give a brother the game that he always enjoyed as a child; these are often found in mint condition online or at auctions.

Scrapbooks are a labor of love for the gift-giver. While you can buy a very nice album for under fifty dollars, the time and effort in filling the scrapbook will require time and patience. You may add a few school pictures or news clippings if you have them, but be sure to leave a little space for the recipient to add their own special mementos.

Some other gift-buying suggestions include:

  • Practical gifts may not seem very meaningful, but if you customize or personalize the item, it can be very touching. For example, engrave a special note on a key fob for Dad and have a pair of garden gloves embroidered with a special gardener's name.
  • Fresh flowers are often a most-appreciated gift, and the right ones can really capture the moment perfectly. Did you know that purple statice means "I'm sorry" while sunflowers are a sign of love?
  • Theme gifts that remind someone of a happy time, trip, or place can also make for an impressive but budget-friendly gift idea. For instance, line a thrift-store basket with fabric and tuck a bottle of inexpensive Californian wine, some west-coast cheese, and a nice card inside to reflect on the recipient's travels to California.