3 Reasons Clients Aren't Reading Your Marketing Materials

13 June 2017
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You don't simply have brochures and other marketing materials produced just for the fun of it. You do so to promote your services and grab the attention of potential customers. If your materials aren't accomplishing these goals, there could be a reason why.

There Is Too Much Information

The average person has a short attention span; particularly when it comes to reading. Brochures are something people grab while in motion so they want a quick read – not a miniature newspaper. To make people more apt to reading your marketing materials, keep it short and sweet by having a narrow theme and only include the most pertinent information.

Take a graphic design company, for instance. Even if the company offers their services for logo and website design, they should not combine the two into one brochure. Have one specifically dedicated to logo creation and another for website development to keep it short and focused.

It's Boring

If you want potential customers to read your brochure or other marketing material, you need to make them appealing. If it looks boring and reminiscent of an essay, you can probably forget it. Whatever your business idea is, it should be reflected in the overall look of the brochure.

For instance, a bakery should have images of baked goods throughout. A fashion line should have pictures of some of their nicest pieces. Not only is this more attractive to the eye, but it gives the client a visual. They don't get to just read what you're about, but they can also see what you're about.

Un-Targeted Headline

Just as every business has a targeted demographic, the marketing content they output should also have this idea in mind. When the average person looks at this type of material, they are going to quickly glance at the headline. If it doesn't strike a cord with them, they will likely bypass it.

Ensure the headline for your brochure is attention grabbing for the group you're trying to target. Using the previous example of the graphic design company, consider a brochure about how an updated design can improve their website traffic. Instead of labeling it, how an updated web design can help you, something like boost sales and revenue with a new web design might be more effective.

When it comes to marketing materials, they need to be attention grabbing and focused. In addition to your efforts, a printing business, such as the Flottman Company, can help you with achieving this goal.