The Options You Have When It Comes To Customizing A Shirt

22 August 2017
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If you are looking to create a t-shirt for your business or organization, you may be looking to create something that is unique and personalized. A T-shirt designer will use a design program to help create your shirt and then print it off through a screen printing company. If you have never designed a shirt, you may be wondering what options you have when it comes to customizing the shirts you are creating. Here are just a few of the choices you have when it comes to designing shirts. 

The Shirt Itself

The first decision you will have to make is in regards to the shirt itself. Before you can even begin to design a shirt, you have to decide what type of shirt you want to print on. You may be selecting a tank top, a v-neck shirt, or a scoop neck. You may want fitted styles for ladies or you may want everyone to have plain t-shirts. You also need to determine what color you want the shirt to be. All of this affects the space you have to customize the shirt and what color of ink can be used. 

Logo or Pictures

Next, a t-shirt designer will ask if you have any logo or pictures you want added. They may scan the logo or picture in or create something similar using a graphic design program. Scanned images, such as photographs, tend to use more ink and cost more than ones designed through graphic design programs, so keep this in mind as you decide which route to go. 

Picture Placement

Once the image or picture is ready to go, you and the designer will have to decide where to place the image on the shirt. Some people want it on the front, others on the back. It can be made small and placed on a pocket, or it can be enlarged to take up the whole front or back of the shirt. The picture placement and the size is just another way to customize the shirt. 

The Font

After placing the image, you can have any words placed on the shirt that you want. This may be your business name, any mottos or sayings you want, or sponsor's names. When adding the words, you have hundreds of fonts to select from. You also have to decide on placement, font size and font color. Once the words are in place, your shirt will be ready to be printed. 

You have many options when it comes to designing and customizing your t-shirts. A T-shirt designer can work with you to make your t-shirt exactly what you are envisioning in your head.