4 Tips To Help Create The Perfect Product Label

16 May 2018
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Do you want to ensure that customers find your products appealing, regardless of where they are placed on a store's shelves? Here are four tips that will help you with designing an eye-catching product label.

Tip #1: Keep the Design Clean and Simple

It is important that you don't overload your design with too many images, fonts, and designs. Otherwise, people will have to squint at the label for an extended period of time just to figure out what it says. It will throw your customers off. Therefore, simple is often the way to go.  

Tip #2: Use Colors Strategically

Colors can be extremely helpful in grabbing the attention of customers. A customer can be walking down the aisle and stop right in their tracks because of a color on your product label. However, it is imperative that colors are used strategically and properly. You don't want to use colors that will clash with one another. You also want to maintain a consistent color palette. For example, if you have a banana-flavored product, try to use yellow instead of red. It assists your customers in finding the right flavored product.

Tip #3: Select the Right Font

You want to avoid picking an overly-generic font that makes it look like you put little to no thought or effort into the design process, but you also don't want to choose an overly-extravagant font that will be hard for your customers to read. You should also avoid using too many different fonts on your label, as this will make it hard for your customers to read and lead to inconsistency. Try to stick with two to three fonts. Ideally, you should use the font that customers familiarize with your brand already, as this will keep things consistent with your brand.

Tip #4: Include Company Contact Information

If customers are satisfied with their experience, they may be interested in visiting your company website or contacting your company to offer feedback or purchase your product in bulk. This is a fantastic way to increase the number of calls to your storefront, drive traffic to the company website, and/or just allow your customers to express their opinions and satisfaction with your products. Sometimes, customer feedback may not be positive, but it helps to know what areas need improvement. Therefore, it is imperative that your contact information be included somewhere on your product label. If you fail to include it, it is essentially a missed sales opportunity.

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