Direct Mailing: Making It Work

13 August 2018
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Online commerce and the internet at large get the bulk of attention from small companies. It's easy to overlook the simple physical mailbox and direct mail pieces. Your competitors could be currently making that error. Therefore, you may eke out a greater market share for your own business if you recognize how effective direct mailings can still be. What could make a difference in your own efforts?

Use Good Lists

Brokers out there, like Every Door direct mail and others, will furnish you with multiple address lists at your request. Your questions about each list should be how recently a list was compiled and what demographics apply to the names there. You can request specialty lists, so if you sell window treatments you can get related lists of people who might have purchased windows in the past year. Another possibility is a custom list which relates people of certain ages, marital statuses and other markers.

Use Photos

Having addresses doesn't guarantee results. Your mailing designs must be colorful, eye-catching and promise value. Images are best; being too wordy could mean your mailings find their way easily to the kitchen trash. Consider your list and what you know about them. Use images which will resonate. For instance, if you're targeting people with young families, it makes no sense to use graphics featuring elderly couples. Catch their eye with a picture and they'll take note.

Get Inserter/Folder Equipment

One reason you may have stayed away from directly mailing people is that you didn't want to get bogged down with empty envelopes, stamps and papers. However, realize that inserter/folder machines simplify the job. Loading the machine will result in stuffed envelopes ready for mailing. If equipment doesn't help, some list brokers will also fill and mail your pieces.

Track Response

Call to actions are vital for direct mailing postcards, brochures and other things. However, don't have responses go right to your main website or number. Track mailing results with special web links, discount codes or phone numbers. This enables you to evaluate how your mail campaign is succeeding.

Get a Scale

Being aware of weight is smart if you're considering samples with each mailing. Postage won't be overpaid, and through various online vendors, including the US Postal Service, you may be able to print labels and send without going anywhere.

Mailing prospects directly could enable your company to reach people competitors are leaving behind. Converse with mailing brokers; their guidance and their customer information will be the foundation of your campaign.