Tips For Creating Trade Show Displays With Maximum Visual Impact

16 November 2018
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If your company is going to its first trade show this spring and you have been tasked with making the booth amazing, then these tips will help you create a display with maximum visual impact.

Tip: Use Custom-Printed Banners to Set the Tone of Your Booth

The banners you have custom printed for the booth will set its overall tone. For this reason, give some thought to the message you want your space to convey. For example, a company that supplies high-end towels to hotels wants to convey a message of elegance. Hanging banners made of high-end fabric sends this message much better than using banners made of vinyl.

Once you have determined your booth's tone, then design your banners with:

  • easily-readable fonts
  • instantly-recognizable graphics
  • attention-grabbing color schemes

Print text at the top of your banners, so it is easier to read from a distance and use the fewest words necessary to get your point across.

Tip: Play an Intriguing Video in Your Booth

Booths that go the extra step of bringing in a flat screen and playing a video tend to get more visitors than those that don't. If you want your space to have maximum impact, then it needs this multi-media experience.

However, don't play your standard corporate sales video! Keep it for sales meetings and instead play something that makes people want to walk over and investigate what they are seeing. For example, if your company sells dairy supplies to farmers, play videos of cows doing funny things or a training video for working horses. 

Tip: Create Interesting Table Displays

Once you bring someone into your company's booth, then you need to give them a reason to stay and look around. While it is ideal to personally greet each visitor as they enter, this just isn't always possible. For times when there is a delay interacting with your visitors, create an interesting table display to hold their interest.

Memorable table displays have more than just custom-printed tablecloths, fun freebies, and unique business card holders, they also have an interactive station where potential business partners can actively handle something. For example, a fun idea for a landscaping company is a tabletop sandbox with plastic landscaping materials people can use to design their own yards. This provides some stress relief for trade show attendees and can also be used to show customers different ways to use their products.

Finally, to make your booth a hangout spot, place a bunch of charging stations on your table and invite people to charge their devices while speaking to you about your products. For more information, contact your local trade show display printing service today.