Order Custom Postcards That Use Four-Color Processing Technology

21 June 2019
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Custom postcards that contain pictures of your hotel's swimming pool, restaurant, and outdoor exercise facility will help promote the establishment and will allow loved ones to learn about the amenities that their family members are enjoying during their stay. If your hotel features a gift shop that guests can purchase souvenirs from, add a collection of custom postcards that have been printed with four-color processing.

Learn About Four-Color Processing

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink are added in layers during the four-color process. Ink colors can be combined to create unique tones, allowing the end user to duplicate photographs with precision. Many commercial printing companies utilize four-color processing, in both digital and offset printing. Some materials that are typically printed with the four-color method are brochures, posters, postcards, folders, manuals, and catalogs.

Plain paper or cardstock works best when utilizing this printing method. The light color of the paper will allow colors to adhere properly and the running of colors will be minimized. If specific parts of a document or leaflet are going to be highlighted, these portions can be embossed. A protective coating is often applied to the surface of items that have utilized four-color processing. This coating will maintain a photo's high resolution and will protect against fading.

Choose The Photos And Layout

You can design postcards that will display several pictures or ones that use a single photo of a specific part of the hotel or grounds. Choose pictures that contain many details and consider using photographs that have been taken during different parts of the year, especially when selecting the pictures of the outdoor areas that you would like to use in each design. This will provide your guests with the opportunity to select postcards that are representative of the time of year that they have visited your hotel.

Order your postcards through a company that uses four-color printing technology and that fills large orders. Don't be skeptical and automatically assume that the postcards won't look the way that you planned on. You will be provided with a proof of each card design before your order is printed out in entirety. This will give you the opportunity to make changes to each card's layout.

To keep your postcard collection up to date, order new card styles if renovations to your property are made or if a new amenity or service is offered that you would like to promote.