Buying A New Copier For Your Small Business

5 August 2021
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A copier can be an important tool for your small office. However, it can be intimidating to buy one of these devices for the first time. To make sure that you are going to get a copier that will be able to serve your business for years to come, there are important features that may not be fully appreciated.

Consider A Copier With A Document Feeder

Needing to make copies of documents that are numerous pages long can be extremely difficult and time-consuming due to the need to copy each individual page. One option for making this more convenient can be to invest in a copier that is equipped with a document feeder. This is an attachment that can feed the documents into the copier one at a time. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time that you will have to spend at the copier, but you will need to comply with the page limitations for the copier. Otherwise, it could increase the risk of a jam developing in it.

Determine Whether The Copier Needs To Support Color Documents

One of the major decisions that you will have to make when choosing a new copier is whether you will need it to be able to make color images of the documents. These copiers can be essential for those that are needing to make copies of pictures, logos, or other imagery that requires color. While color copiers can be more expensive, they can provide crystal clear copies of your important color documents, which can be an essential ability for many businesses. In addition to assessing whether a potential copier can accommodate the wide range of colors that you may need to reproduce, you should also assess whether it can provide the resolution that your images will need.

Buy A Surge Protector To Limit The Damage

A copier will be a complex electronic device, and this can make it vulnerable to suffering damage from electrical surges that can overload its internal wiring and other components. Preventing this damage to your copier will require you to install a high-capacity surge suppressor. These devices will be able to intercept a powerful surge before it can damage the copier. When choosing a surge suppressor for your copier, it can be beneficial to choose one that is designed to withstand multiple surges. Otherwise, you may fail to notice that your protector is needing to be changed to keep protecting the copier. Additionally, this can offer added protection during strong storms where there is a chance for multiple surges to occur within a short amount of time of each other.