Need A New Logo? 3 Design Tips To Make Your Logo Stand Out

16 December 2021
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Your logo may be small, but it makes a big statement about your business. That is why you will want to spend time creating the logo for your new business or creating a logo when you go through the rebranding process for your business. A great logo is essential for any business, as it explains who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It is your business's calling card.  

Use Simple Icons 

It is often said that a picture says a thousand words, which is why you should consider using images in your logo. Images can allow you to convey a lot about your business in a small space. With a logo, you are not going to want to use elaborate images or pictures; instead, you will want to stick with using simple images that convey meaning. For example, a clip art image of an airplane flying through the air would give someone an idea that your business is about travel or flying; paired with a few words, that image can tell a complete story. 

Think about objects associated with your business that can tell a story about what your company does, and consider using them in your logo. For example, if you are in a smoothie store, you could use a smoothie or images of fruit. If you were a baby items store, you could use a range of different baby-related imagery. You want to use an object that makes sense when connected to your business.  

Use Empty Space 

A logo may be small, but there is still room for empty space with the design. When designing a logo, you can still include some empty space in the design. Open space can make your logo more readable, especially if you include words with your log as well. Adding blank space between the image and the words can ensure that your logo is readable, regardless of if someone is looking at it up close or far away.  

Blank space can also give your logo a minimalist feeling, which is yet another way to convey meaning about your business through different design styles.  

Use Coordinating Colors 

When creating your logo, you are making an essential asset for your brand. You want to ensure that the colors you use in your logo also match the general feeling of your brand. Colors can convey a lot of emotion and feelings, so you will want to carefully choose the colors you use and ensure that they work with your overall branding. 

When creating a logo, you want to keep the colors simple. Generally, you will only want to use two or three colors; more than that, and your logo starts to look a little messy. Sticking to using two to three colors will help keep your business logo crisp and easy to recognize. 

When creating a business logo, you want to use imagery that makes sense in association with your business. You want to use colors that match your overall brand imagery. You want to keep the design simple and not too convoluted. You may want to work with a professional logo design company, which will ensure that this small item has the significant impact you need it to have.  

For more information on logo design, contact a professional near you.