How To Work With A Printing Company To Make Business Forms

6 May 2022
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In terms of business printing needs, producing forms features highly for many organizations. There is more to the job than handing it off to a business forms printing services provider, though. You need to know how to work with a press printing company to produce the forms you require. Here are four tips for making sure the process will go smoothly and produce impressive results.

Know the Physical Format

By definition, forms are for sticklers. This is especially the case if you need to have machinable forms for optical scanning. You need to know the exact specifications of the format. This means knowing the size of the paper, width of the margins, and darkness of the letters. If the form uses any colors, you'll need business printing solutions that can precisely replicate them.

If you are producing forms that might pass along to other organizations, you will want further diligence. Make proofs of the forms and provide them to the other parties to ensure they'll be able to work with what you've printed.

Digital Formats, Too

Virtually no business printing solutions transfer forms by hand anymore. Consequently, digital formats are as important as physical ones. Talk with the business forms printing services company to learn how they'd prefer to format the documents. Every printer has preferred digital file formats, and it's best to use the same software as they do whenever possible.

If you don't have access to the necessary software, investigate ways to export the documents from whatever suite you're using. Do several test runs with the printer to ensure the digital files will faithfully reproduce your forms.

Proofs, Proofs, and Proofs

There is no such thing as reviewing the proofs too closely when it comes to printing forms. Take the time to study every inch of the form for potential mistakes.

If you're going to machine the forms, do several test runs. Never look at the printed document and assume it will work. Remember, machine a form involves the paper just as much as the ink. You need to be sure your forms will go through the process without transcription or scanning errors. Likewise, you want to be sure the paper won't jam the machines because it's too thick or thin.


Business printing tends to maximize value when the customer buys in volume. Whenever possible, try to order as many forms as reasonable. Not only is this likely to be cheaper on a per-form basis, but it will save time between print runs.

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