What Are The Ideal Business Cases For DTG Printing?

23 August 2022
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Direct-to-garment printing is one of the fastest forms of on-demand services in the garment business. Some operations are ideal for DTG printing on demand, and others may not benefit as much. If you're considering adopting DTG printing solutions, you'll probably want to know if your business is an ideal candidate. Here are 5 of the strongest use cases so you can compare.

Low Volume

One of the best arguments for moving to a DTG model is if your business has low volume needs. Even if you have a peak time of the year where DTG printing won't be ideal, you might want to use it the rest of the year.

For example, a business in a tourist area may have peak demand during the summer. During that time, it may be cost-effective to use other solutions like screen printing. However, during the slow parts of the year, they may only get requests from a small number of customers. In these periods, they may be further ahead with DTG printing on demand.

Highly Customized

Many printing methods will make the customization process challenging. However, DTG printing allows you to quickly mock things up in a graphic design or layout software package. If you want to prototype garments, for example, this is a superb way to do it. Likewise, some businesses may want to offer highly customized shirts to customers. People can put names and messages on the garments, and the printer can provide them in wearable condition in a matter of minutes.

Diverse Output

Some companies may have relatively high volumes, but they might also produce low volumes of specific items due to their diverse outputs. A company might only produce a handful of jerseys for each local sports team, for example, but they may have to produce them for many different teams. In these cases, the production process may be simpler using a DTG printing approach.

Impulse Consumer Interest

Another model is the business that sells to impulse buyers. For example, booth-based businesses in high-traffic areas may offer templates and allow passersby to select their preferred items. The business probably doesn't want to keep tons of inventory, but it can manage a limited number of garments while printing various images directly.


People love to get shirts to memorialize events like concerts, games, and conventions. The more you can tailor products to the event, the better. Adding specific information, such as the date a band held a concert, can create a personal connection for the buyer.

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